Elle, the Brat (i_amnotunderage) wrote,
Elle, the Brat

1x knee-length matte grey wig, intended for Yowane Haku. (Voyakiloid)
1x shoulder-length matte grey wig, intended for Honne Dell. (Voyakiloid)
2x waist-length brown wigs, different shades.
1x Tai wig (Digimon)
1x Matt wig (Digimon)
1x shoulder-length white wig, intended for Thief King Bakura. (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
1x mid-back-length white wig, intended for YnBakura. (YGO)
1x waist-length white wig, eventually intended for Bakura. So it can't be cut any shorter than mid-back.(YGO)
1x waist-length black wig.
1x short orange wig.
1x shoulder-length blonde wig, modeled after Rin. (Vocaloid).
1x short black wig.
1x short brown wig.
1x long curly green wig, for Bernado. (Lucky Dog).
1x waist-length pinkish-red wig.
1x waist-length obnoxiously bright red wig.
1x shoulder-length sapphire-blue wig.
1x very very short (as in, ear-length on me) dark purplish-red wig, for Boris. (Alice in the Country of Hearts.)
1x shoulder-length dirty blonde wig.
1x short dark green wig, for Suguru. (Gravitation)
1x short pink wig, for Shuichi. (Gravitation) (I am most probably not allowed anywhere near this one. |D)
1x long obnoxiously pink wig.

...I can't remember the others off the top of my head. orz I'll update once I get home and can see them.

For those of you not in the know, I NEED A SKANK COSPLAY FOR ARMAGEDDON. I'm working the Critical Hit stall with Adele, who will be cosplaying Yoko. Since Armageddon is in about five days, it also needs to be something I can pull together easily. At the moment it's looking like Black Rock Shooter finally small breasts come in handy, but I'm looking for others, too.

This list made in honor of Isa.
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