Elle, the Brat (i_amnotunderage) wrote,
Elle, the Brat

While I'm here, I may as well explain my conspicuous absence from the Internet.

So about three months ago, one of the housemates failed to pay their part of the phone bill on time. This led to our phone line being cut, and with it, our Internet. When we jumped through hoops to reconnect our phone, we were told that our Internet would only be reconnected if we paid a $99 fee and restarted our 12-month contract.

Considering the lease expires in June, no way are we going for the 12 months.

So since then, we've been waiting for a different housemate to cancel our goddamn account with Telstra so that I can set up a new one, and take the contract with me when I leave.

It's taking forever, as you can probably tell.

I've slowly been filling the void the Internet left with miscellaneous video games. Currently it's Kingdom Hearts: 35whatever Days/2. Before that, it was No More Hereos II. Both games are Stacy's, who is trying to fill her own Internet-void by buying box sets of random TV series. And a fucking Wii.

I shit you not, during her break at work one day, she decided she wanted a Wii. Since she didn't have time to get it herself, she sent me down to EB Games with about $400, and instructions to get a Wii, No More Heroes, and No More Heroes II.

She also sent me a txt message one day. "Just bought $400 worth of stuff from JB Hi-Fi. We're set for a month."

Girl is crazy, I swear. But I can't really blame her, with the bullcrap work is dishing her.

SO. That's my life update for this month. How are you all, Random People Still Reading This?
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