Elle, the Brat (i_amnotunderage) wrote,
Elle, the Brat

Yikes. Y'know, I never thought Australia would be threatened by floods, of all things. I mean. Up until recently, we were stuck in a drought that lasted for twelve years.

Toowoomba (where Scott's family lives) was under water in ten minutes. No-one we know has died or gone missing from there yet, and even Gypsy (the dog) is safe. I think at last count, missing people was at 72 and confirmed dead were 8. (Edit: Radio just upped it to 10.)

Then the floods made their way through Brisbane, to Ipswich. One of my cousin's friends is now dead, along with countless others.

Flood waters are now on their merry way to Victoria. Right after getting that announcement on the radio, an ad for bushfire safety comes on.

...I think we're all more worried about the water than the fire at the moment, mate.

It's bloody scary stuff to hear about. Toowoomba (the first place to be affected) is on top of a freaking mountain. That means the top of a mountain got flooded. Whaaaaaaat the fark.

Apparently the highway leading into Toowoomba looks like a river now. Which is. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

I've not got many Aussies on my LJ list, but to those of you out there, g'luck and keep safe. Maybe buy an inflatable boat or something.
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