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Hyssop and Bakura are OOC love.

Bananas of Agony is also OOC band love.

Why am I not under-age?

Because I had a birthday, and then another birthday, and then a few more.

And then I became legal. ♥

No, really, what happened was that I wanted a new LJ, and couldn't think of a name for it. I asked around, and someone piped up with i_amnotunderage, because of my showing off my ID last year.

Am I really not underage? Well, that depends. Do you trust me not to lie?


Elle, the Brat, is a chronic writer and RPer. While her skills certainly leave something to be desired, she prides herself on her ability to make it look like her characters are IC, even if they aren't.

She often refers to herself in third person as a result of writing too many stories, and has a fanfiction livejournal; elle_the_brat.

She draws. Badly.

She also colours manga scans for icons. Unsurprisingly, this is also done badly.